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A Brief About Me

A Curiosity Cruncher Who is Always Hungry!  

I am a Digital Branding professional based out of New Delhi, India. My work ranges from Visual Communication Design to Web Technology and Internet Marketing. In short, I am a blend of creativity, technicality and business agility who is always curious and hungry to make brands look appealing, attractive and amiable.

I am Passionate about the Digital Transformation of Businesses, User Interface, User Interaction Design, Business Intelligence, Digital Strategy, Visual Design and Web Technology. 

A profound exposure to the digital marketing spectrum, working with several organizations, addressing numerous digital branding challenges, I have developed a personalized sense of Business development in the online space and stepped into an extensive research on digital growth stories of brands.

Branding is Behavioral (psychological), so much more than just piles of market data. Experience actually makes the difference.

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I am backed up with Resources and Capabilities to develop a complete Digital marketing Strategy for your Business.

Open to take up projects on creating Digital marketing Strategy from Scratch or develop (process optimization) of your existing digital presence.

I have authored the book “A Definitive Guide to SEO Audit” published in June 2017. [ISBN: 9781521428955] The book covers a complete overview of all the factors, steps and guidelines in analyzing the performance of your website and optimizing it for appearing in the first page of search engine results page.

My second book on “Battle of Brands in the Digital Platforms” is in WIP stage. Stay tuned on my socials. 

Currently my area of research interest includes Digital Consumers, Digital Economy, Circular Economy, Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Branding Strategies.

You can follow my research publications in ResearchGate

Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified, Hubspot Inbound Methodology Certified and KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt. With 5+ years of experience in this domain, I have worked with several organizations in the field of Graphic Ad Designs, Web Design, SEO, Adwords, Content Development, Digital Strategy and Business Development. During my leisurely weekends, I am a faculty at Unacademy where I host online video lectures on Marketing.

Currently, I take up projects independently on Web Design, Graphics Design, Digital Branding, Creative Writing and Online Business Development.

Open to Consultancy Projects on Digital Transformation of Businesses, SEO Audit, 360 degree Digital Marketing Strategy. 

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My SIX Principles of Life!


This is my innate and I believe in it so much that I am primarily biased to get indulged in doing work creatively. I believe, creativity is not just about "cute chairs and bright curtains", It's so much more than that. For me, creativity is all about imbuing sense and humour on pales and plains, triggering the Look , Feel and Likability factor.

lead time

Creative minds are poor at lead time, I am so busy with getting it perfect that taking that extra minute is oblivious. Over the years, getting work done on time is what made my principle USP. Today, it's more about scheduling and time framing than just getting the perfect match-fit.


This is something highly pertinent from my learning curve. "Learning" is something I value and peruse whole-heartedly. The key recipe to my multifaceted skill sets. What ever you learn is never a waste, its comes handy to your rescue, today or tomorrow.


When it comes to work ethics, commitment and involvement is priority. Excellence backed by attitude to work and walk the talk is what makes my work principles, somethings I have learned from working with multifaceted clients of mine. I commit and stand up to that only when I believe in the work and its accomplishments.


From Graphics to Technology to Business, I tend to get involved in all the frontiers. I get attached with the project I am working on and if any of the pillars are not right, I find myself fixing it. My competencies has powered me to wear multiple role hats.


Whether it's the Corporate Cobweb or Familial Fun, balancing my subconscious mind, the power distance, the rule of dominance, the submissive stances or the self awakening, I have utmost regard and reverence for the people around me.

Expertise Levels



Digital Marketing

Digital Branding Strategy that makes a mark. SEM, SEO, Social Media, Adwords & Adsense coupled with Content Design and Web Development makes the package! Let us boost your web traffic & propel your business.

Video Lessons

Time is a bomb! (Def)use it before it def(uses) you. Life is a constant process of learning. Start Now! We can help you develop Video Courses Online.

Web Design

From Responsive One Page Designs to eCommerce Portal. Whether you are an individual blogger, celebrity or a big business, we take care of all the pillars of getting your Business Online. Coding is Poetry.

Copy Writing

SEO Friendly, Branded Keyword Focussed Articles. Content is the king! From business portfolio to corporate brochures and web content. We engage.

Graphic Design

From Ad Banners, Flyers, Magazines, Pamphlets and 3D modelling to Animation and Illustration. Design is sexy! Not just cute chairs.

Digital Media

From Design & illustration to Copy writing, Your promotional video, Corporate film, teasers gets the best reel.

Looking for a better Half for Your Business ?

Starting up a new Project ? Expanding to new territories ? Transforming your business ? Falling out on Sales ? Let me get you some wise hands at work. Let me propel your Growth Story. 
Let’s Connect & Explore the Best of Possibilities.

Now What?

Work is worship. Work has been keeping me tad busy and I hardly get time to update this website and my social media handles regularly. But, I do respond to every email and LinkedIn message. 

So in case you want to get in touch with something important, shoot me an e-mail at hello@avikbal.com

Currently I am working as an independent consultant on Market research, Digital Branding, Marketing communications, Wikipedia Pages, and Web Technology.

Delivering projects globally on a weekly basis has kept me caught up, but I am so passionate about making brands shine and connect to consumers, that it’s worth my many sleepless nights and grinds. In-case you are interested to join my voyage, hone your skill-sets, and drive digital businesses, feel free to get in touch at  careers@avikbal.com  

If you are here from any of the Google’s or social media organic search results and looking to commission / collaborate on a project on Web Design, Market Research, Digital Branding or Wiki Page, drop your requisition at projects@avikbal.com

Would be happy to help! Chio! 

And before you leave the page

A Quick brief

I hate lauding about the past, because there is always a better version to the present state. But the world needs validation. So here are some brownie points from my archives! 


  • Book Publications

    Authored the book SEO AUDIT, released on June 2017, hardcopy currently available in 8 countries and e-book available on Amazon.
    I have a 11-1 formula for work. Everyday I stringently stick to a routine of 1 hour for research. The time when I explore my "Next What"? These 1 hour of research everyday gave birth to this book. After months of research and professional experience in SEO, I ended up with a bunch of amazing content. I turned the resource in the shape of a book. Not any a planned initiative, just happened.

  • Mentoring, Coaching, Lecturing

    50+ Video Tutorials, 300+ students - Designed, authored, and hosted full fledged Digital marketing and WordPress Web Design Courses. You can have a sneak peak into the free courses available in Unacademy.

  • Ranking in the first page of Google

    How to create a Wikipedia page for your company (or a celebrity / brand)? - The article that ranks in the first page of Google for keywords "Wikipedia Page Creation" and related. This article got accidental fame. I never knew the article would become so helpful for my inbound leads. It clocked 1 Lakh+ all time hits and has been ranking in Google's first page since December 2017.

  • Most read, Most commented article

    How to become a self-made digital marketer? 2011-2017 >>> The era of digital marketing hype. Professionals from every business flocked to learn this new hype. In response, a lot of digital marketing coaching institutes cropped up. Students invested in learning digital markeiting without much second thought. But, hardly anyone knew, It was all free to learn digital markeiting. Google and Facebook launched high quality free courses and certifications. This article was jotted to offer a concise and structured guide on how to start your journey in digital marketing. A comprehensive listicle of all study resources.

Portfolio Links

  • Web Design - More than just a visually crafted digital communication

    Before I got to know, I was way into this. Websites were necessary to drive digital marketing campaigns. So I learned to tame websites to fine tune it to ad / lead pages (landing pages). But I got so into it, I ended up developing websites professionally. As of February 2019, I am a proud designer of 50+ websites. With 100% positive reviews and feedback, web design is now a core vertical in my portfolio.

  • Graphic Design - An innate competency, my magic wand of unique perceptions

    I never considered graphic design as a mainstream competency to leverage on a professional level, but it was always there as my favorite leisure time activity. Throughout my academics and professional life, creativity and passion for design has been my companion for happiness. Here is a sneak-peak of my designs, [N.B] more of a hobbyist than a professional.

Social Connection

  • Let's stay connected - Would love to hear form you!

    Life is busy. But, life is all about the people around you. I am always eager, enthused and excited to meet, greet and know new personalities in my life. I would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to drop by my socials and stay connected. Connect me over Linkedin.

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