Tryst to rekindle, poles apart from the life cocooned with animosity and ambiguity. Lets see I shape in or shape out from this experiment!

A change over is indeed a determination of self , a struggle with self and a promise to self, this is what Mr. Avik quotes, when asked about his appeal to life and its phases.

                “I think I should come out of the shell, face the insanity, conquer the fear and discover the hidden treasure in me. Because time has got no time to wait for me and neither do i. I shall be racing with the seconds to catch the milliseconds. Sounds like a dream endeavour or a creepy filmy dialogue.  But, indeed the urge intrigued when I crash landed bumping into the unturned stones that obstructed my life from succeeding ahead. i have started loving the solitary world of four walls, hiding away from social life, from every daunting challenge, from responsibilities waiting out there in my real life So here is the tale talk of an esteemed aspirant of life who gets to a dilemma of decisions every time he fails and get lost in the bleakness.

 I like to observe, love to analyse and appreciate to act upon for a value. Most of my free times are invested on observation and then tinker and think to abstract something that I would love to apply in my own life. However the more one thinks the more he is supposed to discover, know, enjoy and love to appreciate the possessions he loves. This habit of keen and ardent observation is something that is not intentionally invited by me for any purpose or cause to serve. It’s a god gifted behaviour that applies to me every moment in my life.

At 21, I realised that this has made me completely dependent on silently observing and writing, capturing and cherishing, analysing and playing awfully with the overwhelmed observatories I come across every day. I have entered in a world of my own makeup; I have started to feel better in my virtual life that I have unknowingly nurtured in me over the times. I have started hobnobbing a lot of time as an observer and a behind the scene player than the one in real life, the real hero, getting his hands dirty in something worthy.

I realised this lagging soon as i intentionally put my efforts to capabilities to try beyond the contours of my daily chores I am usually engaged in.  This made me feel under confident, bogged down and a nasty nerd who fears to speak up before the world, who prefers to stay at four walls and empty spaces, who prefers to scamper in silence away from crowd, devoid of humanity, who loves the sound of silence.

I found a way out. Stop observation, imagination and thought.  No more ludicrous activities, solitude lifestyle, vainglorious attitude, megalomania attire, foreboding about the future.

Its time to get cynical, frenzied and relish the berserk face of life,  lacerate out the politeness, freer from etiquette and get scintillating, whoop, holler and gobble up the grandeur vivacity of life in a flick. After vacillating for what can I do to slap into shape and craft a zeal and zest for life, I decided get weird and freaked in my own way. An incognito of my new life, no matter whether it sounds banal for my fellow folks and pals. Because the number of flamboyant and fabled bods in this world are as many as the population of this world. All are different and unique in their own way, right and wrong in in their own logic, god and bad in their own thoughts, complex as well as simple cocooned in their own probity. And after all I don’t know what I am capable of, since I believe there is no end to exploring oneself until I stop breathing,

Cheerio to goodness! It’s time to get sloshed with booze and bid adieu to the present. And wait for the time to wake me up in a new morning with the essence and aroma of a new start.”

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