Step by Step Guide to Shopify Store [Beginners]


Getting well versed with Shopify is quite easy peasy but picking the right plan and pricing can almost drag you to a hell lot of confusion. From Shopify Online to Shopify POS, their infamous retail package and Facebook Button to Enterprise systems, Picking the right plan are quite bemusing.

So this article walks you through a basic understanding of what all you can do with Shopify.
Just to get a glimpse what shopify drag and drop customization allows you, view this short video. You will fall in love instantly.

Unlike WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, and similar, Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce platform. A drag and drop CMS. That is, unlike the case with eStores created by platforms like WordPress, where you buy hosting, domain name, premium plugin and other third party services like Email Automation, SEO Optimiser, Landing Page, Popup tools etc and integrate all in your store, Shopify simplifies that. They takes care of all the hosting needs with no extra costs incurred. No need of additional plugins to initiate backups. Shopify takes care of that too with daily backups. You don’t have the hassle of upgrading the CMS or plugins every now and then. So all your requirements are taken care in one platform, single pricing plan. That saves a lot of improvisation time and saves money as it doesn’t incur an additional technical expense. A pretty much drag and drop designer need no programming essentials to create your e-store.

Steps to your first eStore Creation with Shopify.

[Bookmark this URL, You will need to refer to this steps every time you customise or try to implement some new requirements in Shopify]

1. I am assuming you already have a business idea for your e-store and analysed the business model with industry standards. So next task is naming the business. It muddle-puddles a myriad lot of thoughts. Check out BustaName. It helps you with a combination of words and name suggestions as per your business idea.

2. Now that you have a name in mind for your business, check its domain name availability HERE. Godaddy is the best (and cheapest). Go with the market leader for best support. [Link]

Check this video on How to link your domain name from GoDaddy to your shopify.

3. You do not require every possible eCommerce website feature out there. So it just keeps the must-have features in the core CMS and enables plugging in the extras with the Shopify Apps. Shopify has an amazing app store that ensures you have every additional feature automated and install ready in no time.

With every marketing campaign, you may require changing the design layout or features that demand additional functions. Check out Shopify App Store to know what all tweaks you can make in your campaigns.

The App store houses hundreds of free and paid apps that let you add extra features to your store in the likes of accounts, social media management, newsletter management, currency converters, product reviews, product suggestions, account logins, cart management and much more.

4. So by now you must have decided whether to go for Shopify or other platforms. I am sure, ease of Maintenence convenience, Technical freedom and install ready features of Shopify must have mesmerized you. Read this article on Shopify Vs WooCommerce Review.

If all good to go, its time to buy our Store Subscription Plan !

Shopify offers five plans with the starter pack costing $14/month. This allows listing of only 25 products. My personal recommendations would be NOT to go for this plan. You are not here to list only 25 products in your store. You never know how big you are gonna grow tomorrow. As you plan to expand in tomorrow, an up-gradation can cost you good amount of time in redefining the design attributes.

It would be a wiser choice to go with the interim ones, the $79/month professional package being the most popular one. Check Pricing Plans HERE and HERE

On the marketing front, they provides a $100 Google Adwords coupon to help us kick start with Google advertising. But for that checkout via this link Offer ONLY for New Accounts. Better to register(pay) straight away as by the end your 14-day free trial ends, Shopify sometimes changes this offer. Shrewd!

5. Above all, the support provided by Shopify is one of its kinds. eCommerce University is a great place to learn from the industry’s experts and also learn from success stories of 1000s of startups. This shows that they are trying to be beyond a CMS. It in my opinion Shopify is a 360* solution for starting & growing an eCommerce website.

Checkout their tutorials page HERE.  Having issue in designing your store? Let me help you set it up for you for FREE. It’s  a cake walk once you see live how it is done.

One negligible downside is that if you ever want to redo the code of the website, you’ll have to hire a developer acquainted with the new programming language called Liquid.

What I find a little pricy is that Shopify takes a share from all your sales transactions. So strategically it ends up being a partner instead of just a service provider.However, this may not bother us much as anyway you would be using third party payment gateways in other platforms which would also charge you around 2.5% to 3% of the transaction amount.

If you are planning to use WORDPRESS (WOOCOMMERCE) – Refer to this analysis and sum up your total expense. It varies from business to business. As i mentioned in this article, More than Pricing, technical integrations are the bugging issue.

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Happy Learning. Hubristic Venturing.

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