6 proven ways for boosting web traffic.


I have been around this niche blogging and content marketing arena for four years now. To the honest, there is no step-wise formulated sure shot technique or code to unlock the secret to success in this blogging domain. It’s all about how well you practice, how rigorous you experiment, and how smart you apply your resources (content, mailing list, value offerings etc). And in this process of playing around, learning from the experiences of existing players nurtures the creativity in you. So in this post, I am assuming you already having a blog/website and looking out for strategies to boost your web traffic. That’s where your revenue lies in.

So lets get started with the important aspects of blogging a content that gives you sure shot success. There lies the magic! Let’s viral it.

  1. Content is the King.

Have you ever stumbled upon a web page with an article so gripping that you couldn’t leave it in the middle and read till the end?  If u have experienced it, by now you must have remembered the name of that website. This is the power of good content. It’s you content quality that’s going to magnetize your visitors. They are going to remember the qualitative time, the value addition that got from your website. Great Content is the value that will compel them to subscribe to your portal for newsletter and return back more often for new articles. Subscription is the best part. That’s where they humbly allow you to notify them about your upcoming. This is allows you for re-marketing or re-targeting.

  1. Build your list.

Visitors once, visitor always. Capture your visitors. Build your email list. Divert them to your social media pages. Make them follow you in every possible media source. Because that’s what will make them remember you, promote you and eventually like you. And the secret, never annoy them with too much of popups and subscription requests. That will rather increase your bounce rate.

  1. Email Marketing. Inbox them. Be in touch.

The web is crowded. It’s highly competitive. Your existing readers are your social currency, your prospective future traffic, your promoter, your prospective revenue generator. Keep them informed. Notify them. Don’t let them forget you. Mail them at regular intervals and build a relationship of liking. Be humble with your offerings and don’t let them forget you by offering special values for existing (older) subscribers.

  1. Appreciate them.

Foster a sense of community companionship. Engage them with your web activities as much as possible. Tag them in your tweets, facebook shares. Mention their value. Make them feel close, being a part of your subscriber list. Publicize them, you will get the return in terms of promotion. They will eventually start liking you, stick to your pages and draw more traffic via word of the mouth and social share promotion. Every subscriber/visitor comes with a larger base of his/her personal network. So count every visitor as a source of many others. A whole new network gets added with every individual. So value every email entity you have in your list.

  1. Rank high. Get into the first page of search.

The most important aspect. Why? Organic traffic and discover-ability!  SEO is what ensures that your page ranks up to the top in Google search. If you don’t display in the first page of search, you are 99% out of the race as almost 95% google searchers never move on to the second page of search result. Unlike web visitors who may like or dislike your content, who may or may not subscribe and respond to your mails, SEO is an honest companion throughout your blogging journey. SEO is completely in your hand, Its completely upon your personal skill, research and expertise. There are 100s of formulae/steps to ensure a perfect SEO. It takes a lot of time to master it and win the Google search result ranking. It’s a completely different world in itself. So it is described in a separate post in detail.

  1. Research your topic & keywords. Have a check on your competitor.

If you haven’t used software like BuzzSumo, keyword planner and google trends to check out what your competitors are up to, you’re at a huge disadvantage. These services aggregate the social performance of specific sites and content to provide you with an at-a-glance view of what topics are resonating with readers and, most importantly, making the rounds on social media. Find out what people are reading (and talking about), and emulate that kind of content to bring traffic to your website.


What kind of content you should write ?

You can write on anything and everything relevant to your blog niche. But there is a smart trick to present them. There are two ways to make your content go great.

  1. Catchy Headline. (Needs effective keyword research)
  2. In depth overview (Research based article, crisp and concise but yet explains the topic clearly, coupled with outbound links and onpage SEO)

Before you actually compose your content why not have a research on how similar articles are performing in the web space? This is called Keyword research and competition mapping. Analyse your prospective audience(reader) beforehand and curate your content accordingly.

Step 1. What is the potential of your keyword ? Now you have a topic to write upon in your mind. Search for suitable keywords and demand. U can use Google Keywords Planner tool. Pick and write for keywords with atleast 500 searches per month. And if you are too clueless about what and how people might be searching for the topic in google, Try out Quora, twitter trends, facebook search result and google trends. From these sources you will get an idea what kinda articles are most viewed (in demand) and what are the closest or exact search queries. Now put these trending topics wordwise in keyword planner tool. Pick the keywords with medium competition and search volume more than 500.Add you creativity playing with words and turn your selected keyword into an attractive heading.

Step 2. Keyword Optimization

Step 3. Now that you have Keyword finalised, time for SEO

  1. The magic of digits ! It has been found through research that headlines with numbers (especially odd) get 36% more clicks that plain text headlines. Blog traffic (CTR) depends significantly on headline.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. 
—David Ogilvy

  1. Using Bracket. In a research conducted on over 3 million article headlines, Hubspot found that using [THIRD BRACKET] boosts CTR by 30%.
  2. Play with words – Use convincing Adjectives, Compelling thoughts, generating an Intrigue, trigger curiosity.


Thoughts Initiators/Unique rationale Curiosity triggers






Ways to

Tricks of

Ideas for

Secrets of




How to




What if



Google Adwords: Keyword Tool – Check popular keywords and get suggestions on alternative keywords.

Backlink Builder – Submit your website to huge bunch of web directories.

Google Insights for Search – Check keywords searches based on location and other variables.

Website Value Calc – Get a rough idea on your websites value based on popularity.

KeywordSpy – Check your competitors PPC keywords.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool – Check keywords search volumes, based on real searches.

Google Trends – See what people are searching for, now and in the past.

WordTracker – A good alternative to googles keyword tool.

NicheBot – Another good keyword tool.

Alexa – Provides a good insight into a website traffic rank, but also has some other useful features.

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