Love is so strange ! An uninvited guest in our life, hits all of a sudden, full of cryptic ploys

Its so strange how our heart melts on an attractive coquettish personality, the quarter-moon that smiles back with a sweet nod of acceptance ending with a blink of long dark eyelashes and biting of the lower lip. All of a sudden chivalry takes over the charge of rule and dominates our visual communication, our imbecility, amble us to a sedentary lifestyle, develop the vibes and hone the apropos of romance, rekindling your vivacious life to welcome a desirous intimacy. All that cocoons you in a fraction of a minute same as a warm cuboid of butter sliding over a hot toast and melting to lick you with an extra bit of taste all over. You start liking or behaving to beeline your life so as to track and mesh up with all the exotic edition of her choices bagged together without even judging whether it will suit you or not.

As I grew older and wiser , I also developed an idea a curiosity a mystery about love, but after you achieve and experience it you will definitely grew the one and only truest, the universal truth :: LOVE IS A LIE ! we are just playing out the scenes we see in a romantic movie or imagine from a love story novel , the only difference is no miracle, nothing en-kindling happens at the end, our stories always ends up in depression, probably more or less in a suicide or a prolonged hangover of snotty somber eyes and infinite tears and distorted, tempered memories.

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