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A Warm Welcome to my Tutorials. I am a voracious Learner, but a more rigorous Tutor. Prophecy, Practice & Proliferation of my Wisdom, primarily encapsulates a trans-disciplinary pedagogy of Learning. I believe in encompassing the learning process with real life applicability and research based predictability.

Woo ho ! Hang on! Did I already bogged you down pelting too many heavy Jargon? Well, This is what my Lectures aim to Address – Simplicity! If you cant explain anything in its simplest form, probably, You don’t understand it. 

Join the FREE courses, experience the learning process, Enroll in the Premium courses, Only if you like and find the courses compatible enough. 


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Starting up a new Project ? Expanding to new territories ? Transforming your business ? Falling out on Sales ? Let me get you some wise hands at work. Let me propel your Growth Story. 
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