LEADERSHIP is far more conceptual and eccentric than it sounds.

What was I planned up to!
Team member’s get-togethers with ulterior motives: to inject work loyalty in the curious, suspicious n lazy minds, inculcate team spirit, to dispel allegations of meanness, to celebrate the beginning of a new challenge, a step forwarded with an aim to hit a target, accomplish the work with grandeur success.
And whatever, anything to bind the work force, glue the interest and sense of team. All planned. But leadership turned out to be a more irksomely intricate and complicated term with never-the-less chain of obstacles. But when you are the team leader you have to think beyond today, plan both optimistically as well as pessimistically about what next, and creating backup for every possible outcome, troubles and miraculous success twists.

And Eventually the time when I said myself,                                                                                                                                       Go ahead and get started.                                                                                                                                                                           Communicate the ideas !                                                                                                    

There are a lot of leadership qualities that we associate with successful leaders, role models, management know-hows and techniques. But you will feel, experience, expertise and engage to the format of leadership only when you are involved in works that needs a lot of planning, decision making and work force to upturn the stones and challenges that come with it.

Different leaders employ different styles through which they provide direction, implement plans and motivate people. These styles can contradict one another. So I depended on the principle of sharing, the concept of open sourcing. Transparency and equality of action is what I targeted to indulge in this team work.
No leader, all are decision makers, planners, managers, mentors and workers. But it came out to be a bit different from what i expected. All had interests but all have different efficiencies and way of getting involved and choice of work. The odds dominated here too. The smarter brains were more into action then the lazy ones. And that gave us our leader.
Now what we were struck at is smooth flow of work. Management of all the groups, time scheduling, inventory control, pre-planning and advising feedbacks on what is implemented with critical acclaims and judgements for a better way out. That called for a manager, one who will not have his hands and brain directly into work, but will observe analysis and take steps to the needs of everyone involved. This led me search for the one who will be devotion maximum time and effort, take interest in the whole working project, compatible and amiable with everyone.

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