My first post!

No great mind ever existed without a tinge of madness. Welcome to my weirdo world.

Nothing is comparable to conversation with a beautiful mind & every individual you will ever meet knows something you dont. Here you are about to know someone you dont knew. 

This is my online diary. I observe,dream,imagine,experiment and write a lot. Eventually it became frenzied for me to preserve the hard-copies and travel with them. So I turned to soft copies and online store houses like this.

Web has become an integral part of my daily life. Curiosity is the ignition system, Google is the fuel. Almost every webpage I visit daily has some resources that inspires my life, aspires my goals and designs my dreams. Well, over the passage of time accumulating all those together for me became tedious. I preserve all my useful stuffs here so that I can access from anywhere, anytime, relieved from scrolling and searching from the piles of folders in my memory disks. This is initiated for personal use only not for commercial purpose. This site describes me, my life and my day-to-day activities.

Hope we will have an amiable journey ahead through the creative endeavors of my life cover to cover.

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Regards and thank you !

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