finally the research stipend surged.

Mercifully feeling sorry for the scientific research institutes and the brain storming geeks (respectfully known as researchers or scientists), searching for happiness inside their sophisticated labs.

Interesting mishmash. We are blessed with secularism, cursed with consequences, United by diversity, integrated by communalism. When you have communalism and that too in multifaceted forms (Naxalism, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and the list flows no fullstop), where do you have priority time for technological innovations? R&D is a farway dream to invest upon. Indian govt. is busy restructuring its economy, contingent on service sectors. At the end of the day spending most of its national income in buying patent licences, importing technology to feed unemployment and nurture vote banks for next tenure. Amazing. Are we trying to become a nation of clerks and prove the world that we are the strongest among the emerging economies? Boasting of a talent pool that relies on outsourcing, rather than innovating?

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