The final adieu, the last see off.

This belated post is just to pin down my final departure date.
Sunday morning. Missing my hostel mates. Seems I have not yet got rid of the pain of parting. 3 days and i am already conducive nostalgia.

So after putting off the final adieu, cancelling the ticket twice, finally aborted the 3rd cancellation, chained the final baggage n left NERIST. 6 years of attachment, a home away from home, a family firm n fathom away from parents and so much more of emotional diaspora, the list that knows no end.
The last day, the last few hours n d final see off was really painstaking. I couldn’t believe those tears rolling down my cheek, dipping to drench my eyelashes, heart aching with the breakdown, windpipe draught dry, eye balls blushed to blur, tad sober voice ebbing to crack, mostly dying out before being spoken, sheepishly grinning everyone’s greetings, fighting the wailing lump in my throat. It was hard to face d situation with equanimity.  Engrossed in a steady effusion of helpless outflow of emotions, much to my chagrin, I found myself in repentance, contrite remarks and regretfully submissive interactions, what was supposed to be the last note of gratitude n good bye wishes. Life is uncertain n unassertive. There were many faces, which might be my last glance for this lifetime. At times it seemed the amazing bonding of friendships are reiterated n more strongly brazed in this final phase of departure. That last glimpse of all my branch mates, batchmates,statemates n juniors waiving the final see off bye will be preciously preserved with me forever.

I learned a lot of lessons, lessons for life, groomed by the diverse set of peoples in my ambience, today i m profoundly defined by my circle, each possessing versatile likability factors to marinate n inculcate from. The transformation from a naive to suave personnel, from something to many things was the most precious gift you all have given me.

6 years back, being all of a sudden dropped in a surrounding completely different, socially culturally religiously linguistically n ethnically diverse pool, I started of poorly, uttering numerous errs, few mischievous while few malicious, got rid of some while suffered for d rest. But the lessons gave me a smooth n successful living ahead.
Life is not fair, accept it n learn dealing with d jenny n jackasses, everyone is gonna hurt u for their beneficial sake, chose the ones worth sacrificing n getting hurt.I was a firm diciple of this infamous precept. But NERIST life altered the maxim, i can proudly claim my circle defies this adage.
I had nebulous n nefarious views, obtuse behavioral approach, absurdly oppressive attempts,an innane humiliation of mockery n highly controversial of religious atrocities.Today I have a completed altered overview for the pursuit of life, embracing happiness n ushering smile in every face I come across.  Today I believe in what my parents failed to make me believe n envisage in for life all these years. Thanks for the best of the lot. Throughout my life I m gonna miss these people, who directed me to better way of living, gave numerous cherishing moments to memoir.

Sigh! My ideological n thoughtful mind has a hell lot more to dig down n excerpt from. This writeup will never culminate, it seems. I shall cap the nectar of my nib downright here.

To let the final steam off… A Deduction from my new born Gingerly ideology:
Belief is a barrier. Believing means carrying a prejudice, protecting you own ideas ONLY. let yourself open to all, however good or bad it is. Embrace change. Welcome transformations. Shed ego, spawn love, rejuvenate life, the pursuit of happiness will finally turn to your doorway. Along with these I also turned to be an atheist, thrashing my radical aggravations n discriminatory previews. There is no GOD but GODLINESS. GOODNESS is ur self made choice n right to life, n should not be governed by ur religion involuntarily inherited by birth.

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