Excerpts from “random romances”



It is the easiest to make friendship with a girl so that she likes you, but the same thing gets toughest when you try to step up to a relationship more just be friends and magnetize her to think of you when u do the same.

After biding good night and bye repeatedly, I could not put the last one hours erogenous chat to a halt. Each time she messaged my fingers took a race round my keyboard to reply her back as soon as possible. Even though I was exhausted, eyelids struggling for rest, back and neck painfully calling for some movements but I was intact, eyes wide open close to the bright glowing screen waiting for reply. It was a partial hypnotised situation. She was not feeling sleepy so I had to fight with my sleep drooling at my dreams. This is the power of an women, but still they claimed equality to men and reservation wherever they go. Just close your eyes for a minute, you will experience something new, I entered in the chat box hoping she would feel a bit sleepy. She was honest to try and flashed on the chat box right after 79 seconds. There is nothing new but whatever I heard was something I enjoyed for the first time in life, the tacky-tick of the wall clock beating at equal intervals and the booing airy fan wings helping  the second hand’s lonely tune turn monotonous. House lizards breaking the dead silence, in-between, for appreciating the sizzling instrumental produced in the lurking dark dim light of the room. She typed concluding with three end-to-end smiles. Highly musical and impressive, I reacted wondering her sense of feeling. After five minutes of judgement, she asked me to pop out of my balcony and have a gaze of my surroundings. We were staying in the same residential block. She knew the exterior ambience of the surroundings in a pre-Christmas night. This was my first December in the town, totally mysterious about the surroundings at mid-night. Now this was daring and curious but I was afraid of the shivering cold and dense blanket of fog outside. In hilly areas end of December meant Celsius scale would read nearly ten to fifteen degrees. Girls can never or rarely be refused from their stupid fancies and ingenuity. This is the old fashioned chivalry found common in all men. Without much delay unwillingly I detached the warm laptop from my lap top to over my bed sheet. Wrapping me with the warm fury blanket unlocked the door and stood in the balcony floor. Within a split second the ice cold tiles stinking on my foot became almost insensible, as soon all my nerves got busy in recovering signals of excitement, curiosity, appreciation. It was one of the most amazing view of the city. At mid-night 2:55 am the 150 meters high hills were still awake. The high rocky mass clothed with wild greenery is slant enough to accommodate human life. After every few meters small houses standing on thick bamboos and capped with dry palm tree leaves erupted tearing the deep green cloth unevenly. People inside are sleeping in dark but every house has a sparkling Christmas star with a lightning bulb inside hanged at the roof-top. They are unaware that their twinkling stars would delight some one’s eyes wide opened far at a balcony in the middle of a frozen foggy night. This is the specialty of Christmas. The hills, neck bending isosceles triangle full of twinkling electric stars is looking like a Christmas tree. At the foot of the hills 2000 watt street lights and signboards  flash enough light to make the dead silent NH 52A enough visible to track the goods carrying loaded lorries waiting for dawn. The picturesque was so stirring and pleasing that I forgot that I was standing bare-footed over the white tiles of third floor balcony and an icing fog engulfing my nostrils. But how can I forget the one because of whom I witnessed all this. I rushed inside, four smileys in a row ending with good night. My jumping heart stood still in a moment and then sank silently. She slept might be thinking I would not reply any more. Thank you very much friend for the off-beat surprise at mid night. I typed to proof that I was still awaken. Sleep was totally dodged out of me and at mid night 4 am I was struggling with my own self. I was insomniac, hungry and shivering in the cold. P***s are the only medicine at this helpless critical situation. Girls have no idea how much a boy gets spell bound by their amiable and amorous nature. Girls enjoy to the fullest at the expense of a boy’s sufferings!


For the next few days whenever I went out of my home my way automatically turned to end at her gate. I found myself busy in hovering in front of her home and browsing her social networking profile curiously and enquiringly crumbling my day and night. I felt her absence in the chats immensely. Sometimes someone’s absence acts as a positive catalyst to feel their presence deeply than ever before. My ebbing patience finally had a grinning end. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to meet her. She was out of her house for tuition followed her for some while waiting to grapple the right time.  Hey excuse me! I spoke out from behind as politely as I could.  Her pace slowed down first and then to static. If I am not wrong you are ** , orkut ! yup and you are **, oh so I was chatting with you that night, she chuckled. You are so frank and amiable, I thought you would avoid an unknown orkut friend, I stammered rubbing my oily hairs straight down my shirt collar. And within a fraction of a second she replied, Oh there is no practical logic to that, why should I avoid. Its fervent making new friends. Now my cold and sweating finger tips slowly started warming up to normal temperature as I realized she is easy, simple, straight forward and practical. My heart started to bliss with delight. She captured a glance of the shady backwoods of the surroundings, canopy of the setting sun out west where the sun descends gloriously over desolate and dark hills. and cooling breeze of the winter evening triggered our sense. Well I am getting late to my tuition, bye. She started moving in her way as she bid bye and this time moving more faster. I realized I had delayed her. My mind was consumed by confusion as she walked by and later on I reminisced, I had forgotten to take her contact number, still now orkut remained the only connecting medium. She was always escorted by her parents and rarely headed alone. And interacting in front of her parents was humdrum. All Parents seem to be more interested than their daughter in discovering an unknown boy. Parents are expert in turning plain topics serious and tedious. And most obliviously I don’t want to act as a mind-numbing in front of her and allow my impressions get beveled. After one week of detection I found her coaching institute. She was preparing for AIEEE and JEE. With no delay I also got admitted to brainware coaching institute, in my very first class my eyes eagerly waiting for her grinning coquettish glance. Waited patiently for a week but could not find her. She was in another batch and I shrewdly  shifted to her batch. Now all I had to do was to plan for techniques to impress her. This  was just the bare beginning of my grandeur love story.   [20122011]

Its a winning entry in a state level story writing competition back in 2011. Not a true story !

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