Every thing begins and also it ends… just time travels by and never comes back !

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on, it does end and recurs. 
Finally my calendar says me its 2014. The pages of 2013 are flip-closed, packed and loaded safely in the selves of history. I cant travel back to the 2013 days and put the finishing lick of paint to colour the untouched but i can relish and rely on the multidimensional aspects of life and its ebullient experiences that time and tide of profession , passion and possessiveness of tasting fresh, trying different and achieving new has offered me.
2013- Thank You. You have upgraded me beyond my plans, shown me delights I never daunted to dream, frown me with new frills of life, lifted to a new level.,established a new entity.
The year started with phone calls playing applauds wishes and good luck charms from dear ones. I was on the North East Express,2-AC travelling from Chennai to Guwahati, so no new year party.Then started the new semester (4-2), it was a light semester, with all interesting subjects and a weekly routine with no second half. So much free time and course relaxations, eventually it turned out to be one of my best semesters scoring highest GPA. ANSYS Fluent came to my life. I fell in love with the software. It is now one of my favourite free time works. Got selected in the Executive body of Shristi13, the annual technical fest of NERIST and elected as Videography & Publicity incharge. I fortunately had a great team, friendly & dedicated volunteers. Everything went smoother than I expected.
Summer break was planned for the CAE course in CIPET. Unfortunately cancelled. But was lucky enough I also had an appointment for internship in NEEPCO AGTPP. So unemployed summer was occupied with gas turbines and transformers. A lot of learning and hands on practical work type of experience. It was immense and important, I realised at a later point of time when I returned back to the pages of my bookish knowledge.
Then started the 2nd innings of the year with a new semester. (5-1). Vast courses which are usually tough from the time consuming point of view was made the toughest by the course coordinators. Added to that I had a secondary job piled up with loads of work. More than manual labour it was dependent on mental pressure and creative thinking to create something wow out of scratch, something awestruck to fill the blank canvas in a stipulated time. Tagged as the Creative Head of Sonabyss2013, the annual cultural fest, I was busy thinking, innovating, compiling and designing the publicity brochures, pamphlets, posters, flyers, sponsor ads, promotional videos. In short I was lost in the world of social media, web media, print media and multimedia. Eventually October turned out to be the busiest and voracious month of the year. A month locked in the four walls, isolated from all thrills, think, research, work and sleep, the sequence continued in loop for the whole month till I finished and pack up to go for the Sonar Echoes, the annual Magazine. It took me to go through the pages of  uncounted pages of different magazines, web pages and blogs and alumni profiles. Editor-in-chief and graphic designer, I never knew I had to govern and manage the whole magazine. It was a responsibility beyond my imagination, tedious and hectic to start from blank white pages to illustrated content writing. Habituated to insomnia, addicted to design, energetic to write, tinker to think gave me more ambitions to achieve, eager to live and cherish my new life, feeling proud and promoted.
Then I met Mr. Partha Boragohain, a professional photographer and film maker. I was given the responsibility to organise and coordinate a three day photography workshop at my campus. Mr Boragohain was the resource person, the coolest bod, i met so far, who made the events management a cakewalk for me. It was a scintillating success. fortunate enough to be involved between many avid amateur photography enthusiasts and professionals; it was an accidental and experimental entry to the world of business management but was worthy enough, learned and experienced a lot. Finally Arunachal Pioneer, a local newspaper took interest in it and got the news published in their daily regulars.
Semester ended with a lucky score and frustrating note. Not a single subject was well prepared. Exams went hilariously unsatisfactory but managed to reach 3.85/5.00 GPA somehow. Industrial tour was planned, major destinations being Delhi, Jaipur, Bombay, Goa, Kolkata . But fate had reserved something else for me, got attacked by food poisoning at Delhi, bogged down health and parental pressure crippled me to decide to return back to home. Home is always heavenly for me. Year ended with too much of love, reunions, adventures, sweets, indigenous mother’s kitchen type special menus. Home delights and the new year bumper bang and bash made me feel so special and remember 2013 for its paybacks. Thank You 13. And adieu teen age. You were significantly special in my life. I wish I could rewind the time and bring you back. Because my coming years are going to be tougher since I am an adult now. Its time to knock in and welcome my adulthood.

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