I don’t like the oily and smelly chuck of fat in pork meat! Let’s ban it too!

The ban on beef sale and jail term for possession is downright ridiculous! The basic premise of democracy and egalitarian ideology is freedom of choice. The government choosing, restricting and regulating what to consume ripples a message of authoritarian rule, with proclivity towards a selective paradigm and ideology. These contretemps, on the contrary rifles a wrong message to the non-Hindu communities in India. It regressively n implicitly calls for communal contradictions, a paradox Indian diversity is struggling to cope up and match-fit for years. The BJP gov, presumed to be and mushily endorsed to be Hindu penchant flags a sense of communal nepotism. If a community don’t want to eat something, simply banning is not the solution. Moreover, if decimating bovine population was the concern, why not on pork, mutton, ostrich and chicken as well?   If productivity of the animals are concerned, why not cultivate cows, buffalos and bulls in mass scale like chickens? Why fodder scam and scarcity horrifies cattle dwellers? Why not initiate animal husbandry and promote it like white revolution?

So, we are about to welcome the new black market of beef. Extortion, corruption in papers and bribes to officials embracing a new underground trade where ultimately beef will be consumed with closed eyes, at inflated prices, swaying out to corners, like weed and alcohol!  Don’t be surprised if we find our country to be exporting cows and bullocks to Arab countries and buying packaged milk, in return as import, at exorbitant prices with known healthy risks.

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