The delightful Potpourri of fun and friends NERIST has to offer you…

This article was published in freshers day magazine, 2015

Hello newbies,

At the outset, Congratulations for cracking through NEE. A warm welcome to NERIST family. The special slice of your life begins here and the best part is yet to come in the approaching years. Hope you all are counselled to your preferred domain of study and classes are rolling in charismatic cadence. New place, new institute, new syllabus, new home and new-fangled friends must have mesmerised you by now. But hold on, NERIST is a potpourri of fun, trivia, wisdom, playoffs, expedition and experiments to experience that are yet to usher your exhilaration to elevations.

When I was a fresher, I just had the dreams, aspirations and deterministic acclaims to discover the thoroughfare I embarked upon. SIIIXXXX years echoed to be a long time, but now after five years, it is like, just few days back and a lot of memoir to rejoice. So buckle up your belts, tie up your laces and get set to start your adventure. NERIST life will churn, blend and mould you to a completely new bod in the next six years, this is the time your personal growth will boost to bliss. The total strength of your batch will eventually decompose into minor groups, each with its exclusive interest, scooping in its own benevolence, excelling in its own flamboyance. Now it’s your responsibility to discover your core competence, your passion, stitch you dreams and aspirations, plan and proceed accordingly. Your pace of development and achievements will solely depend on how you invest you time to snatch success. As a pencil goes through a painful process of sharpening, but it comes out pin pointed, better than before, you will also have to undergo the same.

Indulge, involve and introduce yourself to each and every kind of opportunities that comes your way, I bet you will have an enriched perception towards life. Break free, use your freedom, entertain yourself to each kind of thrills and frills of college life, tantalise to the sheer grace of the daunting deeds you never attempted before. NERIST’s megalomaniac hostel life will make your life so hip and happening, that every day you will have you first experience of something scarce. But above all don’t forget your academics! That’s your spine and ticket to your ardent admirations after NERIST. In the mist of amusement, please don’t ruin your health (imbuing to addictive drugs) and wisdom (bunking classes and preserving course works for last night), once you stop learning new things, you start degrading. Don’t let yourself loose out in the crowd, work hard today so that you don’t have to fake victory to achieve success & satisfaction to work-life balance in future. I know you are also facing off-putting ambiance of study in our hostels, but we have to build it together as you know – Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress and working together is Success. You have to find your own way of extracting values from vanquishes. That’s survival of the fittest.

NERIST is an anti-ragging institute. No one harms or hurts you here. Everyone loves mingling. Be in persistent touch with your seniors, they are your mentors to direct you to new horizons intensifying your naive imaginations. And have desirous probity to make friends, batch mates will pick you up, if, by fortuitous, you fall back in the rat race of life.

You are in a centrally funded organisation, so be optimistic and patient. You will face boundless challenges that you have to upturn whenever encountered and open doors to opportunities by your own endeavours. Try to conquer those setbacks, rather than being an escapist, that will help you more than it helps your college. Those will teach you self-sufficiency.

And finally, your college is your identity, so love it, communicate and contribute to its perpetual offerings, engage with the unique flow of the enthralling essence that NERIST will gift you. Don’t consider your techno-cultural festivals as holidays, partying out or hanging out to hometown delights. Get involved, volunteer, witness, experience, participate and finally serve as organisers. This is the best platform for undergraduate work experience. It will give a distinguished tang of taste, a descent delight of expertise to your skill building.

Your life is once! So is your college life. Don’t ruin it wasting on vagueness. You will never live again like this.

Good Luck. Cheers to your new life! Have a blitzing blast!

With warm regards and compliments,


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