Dear “Verna”

Dear “Hyundai Verna”, Please stop seducing me with your sleek n sexy avionics. Each time u pass by me, your curvy lustrous physic, those awestruck glares in your elbow, flares in ur waist lines, and your adorable eye lights bore mine, so strong I get hypnotised in no time. Stop freezing me dumb in the middle of the highways and amidst the busy traffic. Its like a cube of desirous butter melting down on a hot bread, inundating the sponge baked holes with a yummy taste. The taste, this time, erotically nourished, by your fluidic sculpture. I have been tracking you since you landed in my country and still you r a runaway hit for Hyundai. You have made Hyundai enough proud. Now please come to me baby. I wanna be your lifelong rider. My admiration n loyalty for you have been impeccable so far stirring my coy chromosomes. Astonishingly, I have never given such immense attention to any girl before, and thus I m still single for you. Its time you should make me proud, culminating my long wait. Even your close copycat rival Honda city n elder sisters lambo, Audi, marce n brothers BMW,chevro,Renault couldn’t conquer my heart. Its reserved in soft pockets for you and only you. Respect that and make your way to my home before you those south Koreans take u out of their production line.

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