A definitive guide to SEO Audit. The 360 Degree Strategy to analyse your Search Engine Ranking and Optimizing the 200 Factors to Rank in the first page of SERP.

A step by step walk through Technical SEO, Content SEO, Media SEO, Semantic SEO, Keyword Optimization, Back-linking strategy and Digital Branding to make your online appearance stand out in the crowd of search results.

Why this book ?

Before addressing how this book is going to impart significant value to your business or enlighten your SEO knowledge or Digital Marketing Strategy as a broader picture, let me walk you through the index. So what all is covered in this book ? 

The Digital Blueprint

The 360 Degree SEO Audit starts with SEO Performance Profiling. Analysing the web performance factors, the accessibility and index-ability condition's assessment of your website and critical anallysis of your current online appearance.

Building a SEO Strategy

The best practices, successful strategies and proven ways to rank. What's trendy, What works & What harms. The dos and donts of SEO Practices.

Tools and Techniques

The SEO Audit tools, Keyword Optimization techniques, Webmaster guidelines, Algorithms and Updates, penalties and reconsiderations.

Penalties and Attacks

A single mischievous act can backfire to degrade your ranking. Its shall be the utmost priority to abide by the Search Engine Rules and play safe. So we will audit, if our website is safe and aligned to what search engines considers ethically good practice.

The 200 Factors

A checklist of the 200 factors that search engine Google considers to rank your website in the SERP. Website level, Page level and Algorithm based factors

Semantic Search SEO

Semantic is the next generation search behavior. Optimizing your content for Mobile Search (AMPs), voice searches, rich snippets, KGs.


This book is helping hundreds of Search Marketing Professionals across the Globe. Physical copy (Paper back) is available in US UK DE FR ES IT JP. Well, if you are not in any of these 7 countries, I have an eBook version for you! Grab a free copy Now at Amazon

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