Awaiting for the time to tick at right pitch with its spell bounding tang of twist.

Wow. What a wonderful days I am spending this days. All these years honing new skills, surfacing my curiosity, satisfying my intrigues, flourishing innovative ideas, fostering my creativity was all I was onto. Life had diverse goals, varied ventures, ambitious odyssey of hobbies and a freedom to attempt anything, apply to any opportunity, indulge in any segment, involved with anyone, and agreeably sounding “yes” to all the desires. In a nutshell, a journey, relishing the potpourri of the myriad jaw-dropping amazes that tantalized me,that came by my way, however miniscule or valuable. But life is a bumpy ride. You can’t always expect a linear, hurdle free, momentous time. I had numerous plans, aspirations and insights for the final year. The so-called most significantly cratered special year of graduation life. But in no time, I couldn’t even realize when I reached final year, successfully nailing all the semesters. Today my results of second last sem declared, and it pinned to my senses that I have one more sem. Graduation is almost done. In next 5 months I will be leaving my hostel, NERIST life concludes. I will be badly missing this freedom, my craftily designed, economically decorated, optimum time managing setups, all accessible within my hand motion coverage, an area well-managed, maintained and reigned. Although this has made my life a little loony and lonely, but now I hate the exterior ambience, gathering, honking of vehicles, dust pollution and noisy occasions. In all these years I have made my life so comfortable, caged in this four walls, I have started loving it so much. My world is at par with the best in this 15 by 15 room. It gave me all the freedom of thought, expression, and work. Flexibility of life can be no better. So in nitty-gritty, this is what I am engaged to this days: 1. 1. A lot of entrepreneurial ideas buzzing in and out, day and night from diverse fields. I consider them as distraction, an intrusion hampering my productivity, since an idea is not worthy until it flourishes to a promising value proposition. At this blunt state of mind, I am not ready to give any ideas a shot. The distance between spark of an idea till blossoming to reality with physical outcomes in real-time needs strategic act, conscious wait and decisive watch. I am ruthless, relentless, drowned in the prodigality of indecisiveness. 2. 2. High on ambiguity about “What’s next”. Having mesmerized to design, management n engineering. Being an average skillet in all these, it’s pretty hard for me to choose any one based on my core competence. The progression of marrying any one, finalizing to settle down with a particular is getting even tougher as I am exploring these fields. The tryst to sort out any one, is getting more onerous. The deeper I dig to the subject content, more I get curious, making the process obscure. So I decided to stop thinking. 3. 3. I decided to move on, let’s have all these three together. But you cannot put your legs in too many boats all together. I perished to achieve the best in all of them together. A blunder mistake, although I predicted the consequences, and was well assured of, I acted subconscious, partaking much of my responsibilities on my fortune. The fortune on whose practicality I never bothered to believe in. 4. 4. So presently I am left, wallowing in my self-loathing. What an amazing face off life has lurched with my career. I lost my perspective from life. Presently I am searching for jobs, I am not even qualified for or jobs I am over qualified, ready to squeeze in or out to whatever kind of job pops up any opportunity. 5. 5. Hm… I am not someone who can let everything wash off so easily. May be I am in a state of mayhem, a state of career block pandemonium. Waiting for the sun to shine again. As dark days are a sign of worse part of life shedding off, misfortune hubbub of life is about to be over. Being Hopeful is the only state of mind, I can afford to now. 6. 6. No hook outs, no social life, no get together, no new endeavors, has made my state of mind more narrower, dithering my life in ubiquity accompanied by obscurity everywhere, Omni direction.

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