And another new leap! A new start-up!

Since my school days I have been attracted to literature, eventually fell in love with etymology and was crazy for grasping a new word where from ever I came across. The zest of building a stronger vocabulary is still on and will be forever since there is no end to the count of words! Dictionary, lexicon or whatever describes it would be little, the long list of authors who contributed in encrypting the thousands of words in the paper pulps, the multiple, multiphase and multilingual meanings of those words, while few with no standard and specific meaning(s) discovered yet, the fascinating birth of new words emerging with the trend, the cadence of pronunciation, enticing a single word describing a broader meaning, all these tantalises me a lot. And finally, after engineering and management research I am into etymology research with a zeal to anon transform from a literary nerd to a literary scientist! Hell! Dreaming without actions are like being vainglorious in vanquish! So up for a new job! Started a verbal ability blog, facebook page and soon to be a website and smartphone application! And the name owes back to my mom! WORD STOCK. I was merely a small child when she gifted me heavy hardcover copy and suggested me for word stock. Although I learned new words every day and was crazy for more, but never managed out to maintain that copy. Getting absorbed into engineering, everything was technical, practical and hands on work kind of study and no one cares about a good English and a superior vocabulary. Being grammatically correct is the only deal! But my love for words are still on! My English eventually evolved to something others find difficult to understand and hence they could not connect to my writings and I had to suffer the consequences of the missing engagement. I am tagged as a grammatical nerd, a literary jerk and someone who’s social media updates are to be skipped! Well, every synonym also has its antonym. Thanks to some of those who used to read each and every of my writings and incessantly peered, reviewed, inferred and commented their purviews. And I was often encountered, few enthusiastic bods eager to grow wiser asked me about how to build brighter vocabularies and how to write perky, pages after pages. My tried and tested formulae are always free to share and shower. But the predominant hurdle for some while may prove to be a hoax for others, vocab cannot be nurtured and developed to excellence in just few months, it takes years to hone a superior calibre! So here is VOCAB HACKER, vocab derived from vocabulary, where words are learned visually, vocabulary is built while you are scrolling down your social media timeline during the leisure. Each and every words are framed into images ready to set as dextop background or screen saver. Selecting a group of words each week and setting in slideshow as your computer/smartphone screen background, every time you are on your gadget you have a revision of those words. Present generation is inevitable without electronic gadgets, digital media has outdone print media. So use it wisely. Invest just 10 minutes of 1440 minutes of a day, and you are wiser than you were day before.

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