There is always an end. And this time its a happy ending!

Today i wrote my last exam paper of B.Tech.

And obviously it went smooth, and as-usual after exam critical acclaims from my peer group for writing so many extra sheets…… 🙁 And the very next moment, cocooned by glumness of “no more engineering exams” grappled me hard.
All these years it was a race for an ostensible grade in some some subjects, while few others went on unconquered struggling to match-fit with the complexity of the course work. A Semester of time seemed too onerous for few subjects to carry on, while in some subjects i was graciously wishing for more time to study n dive deeper.  Success is vainglorious and boring for me. i remember the subjects i scored well, but i have preserved the evaluated papers of those subjects where my answer sheet is more flattered with invigilators red ink and belittled by incorrect answers. Today as i am back-packing to head back and leave college, those papers are the real boosters. A couple of favorite subjects, favorite authors n teachers who made me fall in love with the course content, however intricate the curriculum was.
I have preserved all my notebooks, flipping through them before the final adieu, was hard, i wish i could preserve them forever! Finally handed over to my juniors.
Mechanical Engineering was absolutely suitable and cordially interesting course for me. Not regretful of envisaging in this course, although i hardly have any plans to veer my career in an engineering strata.
i wonder how i succumbed to the transition so fast. From regular studies to last night preparations…. from neat n well maintained class notes to digital images and web documents, diagrams from pencils to pen, from ambitiously attending all classes to bunking for a 0% attendance, from full course coverage to selective study, from attempting all questions in exams to discovering new copying and cheating methods. A lot of lessons of life. So much of fun, a rigor of schedule, racing against time reaching the morning 8 AM class and 1 night exam prep… that 1 week of exams, that 1 week of sleepless nights taunted n taught me a lot !

And most importantly the amazing set of peoples i met on the process. The cross cultural diversity of NERIST is the most unique characteristic to foster versatile skill set, and get a pivotal synopsis of human psychology, social life introversion and extroversion…. Glad to get some strong bindings, glad to have some friends really close to heart, the second guardian after parents.

And finally its over. A full-stop to unshackle myself from the bindings of graduation. Its time to pursue MY DREAM. My passion. Not the degree that gonna add value and gratitude to my life. Next enrollment will be on my hobby n not on another trendy specialization.

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