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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Dear “Verna”

Dear “Hyundai Verna”, Please stop seducing me with your sleek n sexy avionics. Each time u pass by me, your curvy lustrous physic, those awestruck glares in your elbow, flares in ur waist lines, and your adorable eye lights bore mine, so strong I get hypnotised in no time. Stop freezing me dumb in the […]


The final adieu, the last see off.

This belated post is just to pin down my final departure date. Sunday morning. Missing my hostel mates. Seems I have not yet got rid of the pain of parting. 3 days and i am already conducive nostalgia. So after putting off the final adieu, cancelling the ticket twice, finally aborted the 3rd cancellation, chained […]


How i automated my marketing campaign and were chilling out away from my business while it made money!

The name drip marketing originated from drip irrigation where small amounts of water is released over time to nourish the plants or crops. Drip irrigation for plants and crops is done by releasing small amounts of water (nourishment) at the right time and the right place (near the roots) so that there is no water […]