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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Love is so strange ! An uninvited guest in our life, hits all of a sudden, full of cryptic ploys

Its so strange how our heart melts on an attractive coquettish personality, the quarter-moon that smiles back with a sweet nod of acceptance ending with a blink of long dark eyelashes and biting of the lower lip. All of a sudden chivalry takes over the charge of rule and dominates our visual communication, our imbecility, […]


Tryst to rekindle, poles apart from the life cocooned with animosity and ambiguity. Lets see I shape in or shape out from this experiment!

A change over is indeed a determination of self , a struggle with self and a promise to self, this is what Mr. Avik quotes, when asked about his appeal to life and its phases.                 “I think I should come out of the shell, face the insanity, conquer the fear and discover the hidden […]


And another new leap! A new start-up!

Since my school days I have been attracted to literature, eventually fell in love with etymology and was crazy for grasping a new word where from ever I came across. The zest of building a stronger vocabulary is still on and will be forever since there is no end to the count of words! Dictionary, […]