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CAT Study Material Free Download

In this post You will Get


A lot of resources. For the last 2 years of closely following the MBA entrance scenario, I have accumulated this study materials from various sources. This is the sorted list. Best of all. I am sure you will never regret downloading and following this contents. 

What all is covered ?

  1. List of Apps, Boks, Newspapers, Blogs, Youtube channels.
  2. Google Drive FREE Download Link - CAT, IIFT, SNAP Previous Years SOLVED Papers
  3. Google Drive FREE Download Link - CAT Preparation Books 
  4. TIME Videos >> DA, LR, VA, QA >> DOWNLOAD
  5. Google Drive FREE Download Link - English Novels
  6. HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Managing People  - GET THE BEST SELLER NOW

Below you will find a list of sources which I found useful during my preparation.(Left click and open in new tab). If you are in search of any other guidance in this regard or want to add something new in this list, please comment below. Also Scroll down to find the Previous years question papers of CAT XAT IIFT and SNAP SOLVED. Before you kick-start your preparation, why not map the competitive heat, analyzing the past papers ?

Kindly do Share. I would take it as a thanks giving. Wisdom is worth Sharing. Happy Learning!

Best Sellers and My favorite books, Helpful Web Sources and Blogs. 

  • BYJU Online classes BYJU's Classes has been the best material I came across. Just attend their Free Demo class and decide!
  • GMAT - Official Guide for GMAT, Pearson  Will give you a first hand experience of GMAT. Before you shell out a heavy expense on GMAT coaching, have a flip through this book.

CAT XAT SNAP NMAT IIFT & many more 😛

By Arun Sharma is purchased by every CAT aspirant, whether s/he reads or not. Best Sellers. Buy only if you are not joining coaching institutes. All buys few studies kinda book. The Vocabulary book is a must buy if not the whole set.

Best book for Quantitative Aptitude. If you are looking for an advanced, a more comprehensive book for Quantitative Aptitude, this book is a rock-bed for solid concepts foundation. Awesome pedagogy.

A lot of Verbal ! Best reference material fr VA. Many will suggest to buy Martin's Grammar book and Norman Lewis English vocab book. NO NEED TO BUY. I have added the PDF (ebook) of these two books in the download list.

Neat, candid and easy explanations. One of the best concept building Video tutorials. Access their free Youtube channel Videos.

If you are mentioning "Finance" as an intended specialization in your MBA, have a go through these videos before you Interview. For most of the non-finance background students, Finance comes as a challenge. This YouTube channel is the best feed, to nurture you basic concepts.

CAT discussion forum. Recent Updates. College rankings. Best part, they respont to your doubts and queries even if you are not enrolled in their coaching.

  • MBAKaKeeda:  Great Source for interview prep.
  • PagalGuy: Discussion forum for  Exams and Colleges.
  • Admito: Consulting Forum for MBA Aspirants.
  • Study Material download sources. These are free but very useful. Download them.


Useful Apps | Install and Revise on the go.

There are so many other apps. I tried a lot of them and loved this six. Don't restrict to these only. Stay updated and keep trying new apps.

Reading List - Stay Updated about the Industry.

Make reading newspapers, case-lets, magazines, blogs a habit in your everyday schedule. This is what you need to do "while and post" MBA life. That's where the corporate wisdom lies, opportunity spotting and getting acquainted with the business environment

  • Economic Times.  One of the most elaborated news paper to get acquainted with the present Indian business scenario. Might seem to be a little jargon filled, but no worry, you learn step by step. After few trimesters in an MBA college you will be well off to comprehend business newspapers and their terminologies.
  • The Mint : This has been one of my favorite newspapers. A well structured, easy coverage of business news. You must give it a try.
  • Abhraham  Get a lil overview of marketing.
  • Harvard Business Review: It is one of the most renowned source for Business Case studies. Read few articles to experience your post and while MBA life. Follow HBR online channel for recent insights about industry.
  • Forbes A source to inundate your mind with inspirations.
  • The Economist Best source for Global economy news. My favorite global news magazine.
  • Business Today Will help you in GD-PI-WAT. A quick update with current industry facts and figures.
  • Television Shows on CNBC TV 18.  Follow Television channels like CNBC TV 18, ET NOW, NDTV Profit etc to get acquainted with various industry jargons, nick names and corporate events happening around. Have an eye at the advertisements. They will make you aware of brands, products and their marketing campaign outlooks.

Also try other business news papers like Business Standard, Financial Times etc. and magazines like Business World, Outlook Business,Economic and Political Review, Retail Image etc. Pick your favorite. Reading choice is pretty much personalized.


CAT Study Material Free Download

Previous years Question Papers of CAT XAT IIFT and SNAP SOLVED. 

Before you kick-start your preparation, why not map the competitive heat, analyzing the past papers ?

Kindly do Share. I would take it as a thanks giving. Wisdom is worth Sharing. Happy Learning!





MBA Resources - VA, LR, QA, Past Papers, GDPIWAT          >>  DOWNLOAD NOW 




Quantitative aptitude

  1. Quicker Maths by M. Tyra - Download
  2. Arun Sharma (Quantative Ability)- Download
  3. The Pearson's Guide to Quantative Ability and DI by Nishit K Sinha- Download

Logical Reasoning/Data Interpretation

  1. RS AGARWAL Reasoning-   Download
  2. Arun Sharma LR/DI- Download

Verbal Ability

  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis- Download
  2. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma- Download
  3. RC by Sujit Kumar- Download
  4. VA by Sujit Kumar- Download
  5. Wren & Martin Latest Edition PDF - Download

GK, Current Affairs, Business Taglines (2016-2017)

CL Gk compendium- Download

English massive novels collection (Too much angrezi in the following link btw!)
Link -  Download

TotalGadha Complete Study Material 

Download Link- http://bit.ly/2kI9JxP (Google Drive)
Barron's audio vocab

Download Link-  http://bit.ly/2k6XRSR (Google Drive)

DI Study Material for practice

Download Link-  http://bit.ly/2jMIj5M (Google Drive)

IMS RC 100/500 Pdf download link

Download Link- http://bit.ly/2tP0NeP

HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Managing People, Strategy, HR, Sales &Marketing and Finance >> A Must Read

If you have any good content worth adding to the list, please comment below and help others.

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This is premium, very good & helpful. Video Tutorials on LR, DI, VA, QA from TIME.


This is also Worth Knowing before you Join MBA >>


Join my FREE Online Video Lessons in Unacademy 

Leave your queries or any further suggestion/request/feedback in the comment box below.I would be happy to assist you through. #Been_There_Done_That
Good Luck for your prep. Happy Learning!


Need an Update as and when I add some new materials in this post ? Fill the form, you will be mailed with new additions.


How to prepare for MBA ? How to score 99%ile+ ? How to clear GD PI WAT ? Which colleges to apply? Looking for similar strategies to clear MBA/PGDM entrance exams like GMAT CAT XAT SNAP IIFT CMAT etc ? You will find a plethora of articles for these asks. But trust me, none is going to help you. Every individual has his/her own capability, competencies and choices. Aspirations are unique so is the strategy for cracking these exams. So i am not going to share tips and tricks in general for all aspirants. That won’t help you.

All these things will only get you in more trouble adding to your otherwise miserable (else you won’t be aspiring for MBA) life, unless you have the number one 21st century success skill - Discernment.

Watch both stupid and smart people thrashing around in the mosh pit of life and begin to discern the difference in their traits and qualities. It’s all in the contrast. And amidst all this sort and pick your competency, your aspirations, your true value of life. That's your primary purpose before you find the actual purpose of your life.

The only key is - PRACTICE PRACTICE and PRACTICE. Try your competencies in each niche and comfort. Figure out your strengths and weakness. Build your unique strategy accordingly. Only you can help yourself in this. Now how to do that? Indulge yourself in every opportunity you get, be sound and participate in every possible activity. Explore as much as you can through involvement. Exploit yourself! In short, go out of the box! Don't hesitate to start and dejected enough to quit. That's the only way to know yourself.

The myth and the merciful mistake.

I have met so many MBA aspirants banging head, making day and night, determined to get into the only top IIM. Only! They keep on repeating CAT year after year until that land up at 99+ and an admit to the desired IIM. The ultimate goal becomes cracking CAT and getting admit to a top tier B-School and NOT doing an MBA or learning management skills. CAT percentile takes you to a reputed institute. But what after that? Are you truly fitted for business studies, do you match fit in the work culture that’s MBAs are exposed to and the kinda work you need to do day in and out. Sort out your ultimate destination first. Cracking CAT is just a process, a small step towards that. And honestly, if you groom yourself at best, CAT score and a non-IIM college degree won’t matter. After one year into a b-school, you will realise, an IIM and non-IIM candidate are interning in the same organisation, same profile, both having similar opportunities to bag a job offer. Its just your personalized qualities and how well you fit with the organisation. Equip yourself with value for the org and not the vice versa.

Now scroll up and move on to the next tabs for CAT Study Material. FREE DOWNLOAD - QA, VA, LR and Previous years question paper of CAT, XAT. SNAP, IIFT and a lot of sources that will help you in your MBA Prep.

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Coaching Review

Coaching vs Self Study Review

I am a self learner. Self study has always been the winning formula for me. Additional Coaching never helped me, honestly, to get through. But, many students perform better under guidance. For many peer learning and group study works wonder. So here I am sharing a list of reliable sources you can follow and a short review about the coaching institutes. There are a lot of coaching institutes to choose from. I have listed only the ones I personally experienced. And please note, this is strictly my independent review.

I have just given you my perspective. All reviews are for online modules I used. Classroom coaching quality varies from place to place as per faculty.

HandaKaFunda-HKF Sir’s pedagogy is quiet formula based. He clarifies the concept behind formulae. But in CAT you need logic, formula wont help you. Excellent for Bank Exams but not CAT. If your Maths is very weak, and you need to know basic formulae, this is the course for you. It will help you in initial brushing up of formulae but not tackle CAT at its best.

CETKING- Only the videos are good. Although they are 2010-11 made, the shortcuts are good. If you buy, go for only the videos (available in a pendrive format). And if you are too budget constraint to buy, take from me for FREE (But only if you are nearby my location ) Don’t try your luck with Cetking Mocks. They are the worst of quality you will get among IMS, TIME, CL. CETKING GK module is not updated regularly and support system is poor. You won’t get reply to most of your query mails and watsapp messages.

TIME- Study Material is very candid and comprehensive. I found TIME materials to be the best in the market. But mocks are of very high level, so you don’t get to analyse you actual strength and weakness. No proper GK and Current affairs material. Will flood you mail box with college advertisements.

CL- Best support system.They reply to queries of non-Cl students even. Mocks are very similar to actual CAT papers. Updated GK n Current affairs and of very good quality. Videos are also very good.

Hit Bull's Eye - A lot of free stuff in their site. Have a look. They also upload GD-PI prep videos in YouTube during January February. Helpful.

For a more updated revied, crowdsourcing feedback from past students is the best way. Follow the Q&A forums like Pagulguy, FB groups and Quora for this.

Quora  Discussion Thread on CAT Coaching Institutes.

Leave your queries or any further suggestion/request/feedback in the comment box below.I would be happy to assist you through. #Been_There_Done_That
Good Luck for your prep. Happy Learning!

Scroll up to the next tab. Shared all the sources you can study from. A massive collection of study material-Collected, Sorted and Download ready!

Reviews are individualistic. So never go with anyone's or few individual perspectives. None is good for you unless you know how to scoop the best out of your coaching. For more CLICK

How about getting Google Certified Marketer ?

Add a value to your Resume and increase your changes to get through the PI of B-Schools. Complete the FREE course on Digital Marketing from Google and Inbound Methodology from Hubspot and Earn the universally recognized certificates. Its a Open source (free) learning.  

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  1. Very nicely composed article. I am preparing for CAT 2018. Thanks for sharing the web links. They are helpful.

    I need some interview tips and can you let me know about the MBA Specialization. Which one is good

  2. Hey, interesting profile. Nice website.
    I am MBA first year student at BIM Trichy. I am looking for GMAT exam for my PhD.
    Which onlune courses are best for gmat

  3. Karan Mehta says:

    MBA in india or abroad ? Which coaching is best for cat n gmat

  4. Raghav says:

    Awesome article. Thanks so much for extending this help. How do i plan my preparation ? CAT 18 aspiRANT.

    • Avik says:

      Study pattern or preparation plan is highly individualistic. It will be completely based on your background (your competency in VA_QA_DI_LR), your current schedule (how much time you have daily), it will depend on how much time you can devout after your college or job work and where you need to put more effort, which subjects/sections you need to put more work. So to provide a personalised plan or suggestion I need to know your profile. Prep for a college student will differ from the rep schedule of a job holder.

      You can use this tool to plan your progress https://plan.oliveboard.in/cat/ I used it during my prep and found it useful to track my progress as i was in self prep mode.

      Also you can refer t o http://www.handakafunda.com/study-plan-cat-preparation-february/ These are many more similar, feel free to search at your ease. This two are the free and useful ones.

  5. Vijay says:

    Nicely compiled

  6. Nidhi Vohra says:

    Oh man, This is a treasure of study materials. Thanks a ton. God Bless you. This is such a big help.



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